Peanut farmers are making continuous improvements in water conservation, chemical reduction and farmland development.


Water Use

Peanuts use less water than comparable sources of nutrition.

Chemical Use

Peanuts are hardy, nitrogen-fixing plants, meaning they need less fertilizer and pesticides.

Resource Use

Less water, fertilizers and pesticides mean that peanut production has a reduced carbon footprint.

As a nitrogen-fixing plant, peanuts are naturally sustainable rotation crops.

Peanut roots replenish the essential nitrogen in soil
for usage in future crops .

This means farmers need less fertilizer to grow
peanuts and the next season’s crop, like cotton.

Water Efficiency

85 percent of the world’s supply of fresh water goes to agriculture.

(Source: UNESCO)
Water Usage Among Popular Nut Varieties
(gallons per ounce)

Peanuts are far more water efficient than other nuts.

The minority of U.S.-grown peanuts are irrigated (35-40 percent).

Peanuts have a small water footprint because of their specific growing regions, compact plant structure and underground fruiting.

Mekonnen, M. & Hoestra, A. (2010). The green, blue and grey water footprint of crops and derived crop products.

Since its inception, The National Peanut Board has invested more than $2,600,000 to improve peanut crops’ water efficiency

Agricultural Land Development

American peanut farmers have always been good stewards of the land

Improvements in Sustainability

USDA Data 1999-2013
Technology Adoption


Fertilizer use


Water Use


Pesticide Use


Peanut farmers focus on growing the best crop, with the fewest added fertilizers and chemicals, because doing so makes both economic and environmental sense. The proof of this practice has been handed down with the land — most peanut farms in rural America are multigenerational, with families living and working the fields over generations and decades. Peanut farmers care for the land of their grandparents so they can hand it down to their grandchildren.

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